BSAP Ignition Driver

Now you can communicate directly to your Bristol RTU's from Ignition! Download Here.


Download the module using the link above. Follow the instructions here to install the module. The module has been test on Ignition v7.9

Adding a Device

You will need a serial to ethernet converter, such as one from here, most Bristol devices use 9600 Baud, 8 bits, No Parity, and 1 stop bit. Open the configure page of ignition. On the left side, under OPC-UA click Devices. At the bottom of the page that loads, click on Create New Device. Choose Bristol as the device type, click next. Type in the name you want your device to have, the IP Address, and port number of the serial to ethernet converter.

Adding Tags

In the designer, click on add OPC Tag. Then type in the tag name using this format: [deviceName]deviceNo.tagName


Currently the driver can read and write tags by name, one at a time, using the BSAP Link Local Protocol. It is able to read both floats and booleans.

It is not necessary to specify to the driver whether you are reading a boolean or a float, the driver will ask the Bristol RTU for the data type. As it only communicates one tag per message, it is limited in how much data can be transferred. You may need to reduce the scan rate, or number of tags that you are requesting per second if you are running into issues.

Device Page Screenshot

Screenshot of the Device Page after adding a device name asd.

Screenshot of the Tag Details

Screenshot of the tag details, showing the tag pulling in data from the Bristol RTU with a node address of 22.