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AGA-3 1990 Flow Calculator

Enter your variables below, and the server will calculate the flow. Compressibility is calculated using the Redlich-Kwong equation of state. Flow is calculated according to AGA-3 1990.

Gas Composition

Meter Run Data

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Calculation Results

Volumetric Flow (e3m3/d) 505.45
Mass Flow (kg/s) 4.17
Base Density
(kg/m3) 0.713
Flowing Density
(kg/m3) 80.75
Z Base
Base Compressibility 0.997
Z Flowing
Flowing Compressibility 0.841
Coefficient of Discharge 0.6044
Upstream Expansion 0.9998
Velocity Approach Factor 1.0759
Molar Mass (g/mol) 16.81