We have a fully equipped electrical, automation, and networking shop located in Rocky Mountain House, AB. Below are many of the things we do!

SCADA, Remote Monitoring & IIOT Management

We are a certified Inductive Automation Ignition Systems Integrator, and can deliver secure, reliable, cost effective Human Machine Interfaces, and data storage solutions using on site, or cloud based technologies. We have experience using a variety of communication options, including LTE networks, licensed frequencies, and unlicensed frequencies.

Ignition is a revolutionary new SCADA/HMI Platform that uses up to date industry standard technologies, and disruptive pricing. If you wanted a SCADA Platform, but could not previously afford one, talk to us about integrating ignition with your automation systems!

Programming & Integration

As we are vendor neutral, we can integrate multi vendor systems utilizing industry standard communication protocols. We have experience with products from the following vendors.

  • Rockwell Automation
  • PLC Direct
  • Schneider Electric
  • Emerson - DeltaV
  • Siemens

Product Sales & Technical Support

We service and sell a variety of automation products. More information to follow.

We also produce a Bristol BSAP RTU Driver for the Ignition Automation Platform.

Maintenance & Field Service

We are ISN, and SECOR certified, and equipped to travel to any remote sites in order to get your automation systems working.

Panel Fabrication & Packaging Solutions

We have a full shop in Rocky Mountain House, and can deliver custom panels that will weather the elements at remote sites. We have experience delivering panels with local user controls, and PLC’s for any application. We can perform FAT tests in the shop to save you time during commissioning.

Communication & Networking

We have experience working with Industry Canada to install licensed frequency communication systems. We also employ Cisco Certified people to help create secure, redundant path networking for reliable communication.

Process Control

We have a large amount of experience tuning control loops, adding feedforward controls, and smith predictors, in large facilities, and small sites.

Systems Administration

We have experience installing and maintaining SCADA/HMI Host systems. We can use a variety of technologies to automate your administration activities, such as.

  • Acronis
  • Ansible
  • Amazon - AWS
  • MS HyperV
  • VMWare
  • Xen
  • Proxmox